The SunSpur PRO

Life Enhancement Drink

My passion and love for abundant health started many years ago in our family home in Atlanta Georgia. When I was twelve years old, my father took me down into our makeshift gym in the basement; I’ll never forget this day and that only one workout was all it took to be officially hooked for life!  Since then I have devoted my life to feverishly researching into cognitive enhancement, energy production, nutrition, training, and my very favorite subject… supplementation!

Supplementation is the fine art of mixing various botanicals, vitamins, minerals, adaptogens, mushrooms, amino acids, herbs and more to fast track reaching and even exceeding our full genetic potential!

I dove headlong into competitive bodybuilding at 15 years of age. My first show was the teenage Mr. Atlanta, then the Mr. Georgia, Mr. Alabama, Southern Bodybuilding Championships and on and on and on. I never placed less than 3rd and won more shows than I lost. I had the training, nutrition, and supplementation down to a finely tuned science. A majority of my hard-earned money went into trying a wide array of supplements, energy and performance enhancing drinks that promised to give lightning fast results.

I learned 95% of the supplement drinks, powders and pills were worthless, expensive and was no different than pouring money right down the drain!

Figuring out which supplements work, and which ones are a waste of time and money became my life long personal quest. Because of my success as a bodybuilder, I was fortunate enough to have a trainer that had a PhD from Duke University in nutrition. He opened my eyes to the plethora of supplement scams that were on the market. Endless pages in mind, body and fitness magazines advertising supplements that were packed full of nothing! So many products were drastically underdosed, had the wrong combinations of ingredients and even worse, contained truckloads of caffeine. So many inexperienced people jump into the supplement industry trying to make a fast buck, and they know next to nothing about health, fitness, nutrition, cognitive enhancement, and high quality supplement ingredients that actually work; these people simply have no business being in this business!

I eventually retired from competitive bodybuilding,  and found myself hosting national fitness infomercials, as well as selling various fitness products on QVC…what a trip!   My passion for health, fitness, cognitive enhancement, and supplementation was stronger than ever. I recognized my true desire was to take all this knowledge and expertise I had accumulated and help others struggling with overcoming their perceived limitations. I threw myself headlong into personal training and eventually worked my way up to owning Atlanta’s premier, one-on-one personal training center. Eventually, I had 15 trainers, 4 managers, and a full time nutritionist on staff. We cranked out over 250+ workouts a week! The training was on point, the nutrition was dialed in, and their supplementation was scientifically sound. We were changing lives day after day, week after week and it felt great, as I believed I was living my purpose; the very reason I was put here on this earth!

My personal training center was just like having my very own laboratory and the name of the game was results!  If I or anyone on my team didn’t deliver results quickly…the client was gone.  I experimented with various supplements and tracked all progress diligently. I was on a mission to get to the bottom of what actually worked and what was a big waste of time and money!

My clients consisted of business professionals, pro & college athletes, busy moms & dads, students, even a few celebrities. I took detailed notes on every client’s progress and listened carefully to their invaluable feedback. As the years passed, I systematically weeded out all the so-called miracle drinks, pills and powders and got to the very bottom of what was fact and what was straight up fiction!

For years I had a very specific, and comprehensive formula I had been diligently and systematically pursuing.  I fully recognized that no other nootropic (smarter) enhancement or energy drink on the market had discovered it; they were all missing the mark.  Why?  Because they all rely on way too much caffeine to be the super star!  SunSpur PRO™ uses some of the world’s purest caffeine anhydrous (one serving has less caffeine than a small cup of coffee) but I assure the name of the game will no longer be about relying on truckloads of caffeine to get your attention!

In comes the SunSpur PRO™ Life Enhancement Drink formula …

  • SunSpur PRO™ uses the purist form of the amino acid Acetyl L Carnitine that facilitates the burning of unwanted body fat for energy and turns on an abundance of ATP! It is the cleanest, purist, mind-body energy you have ever experienced!
  • SunSpur PRO™ has clinical strength Citrulline Malate & Magnesium Malate for optimal circulation and delivering nutrient rich blood flow to where you need it the most…your brain and body!
  • SunSpur PRO™ sources some of the world’s finest Cordyceps Militaris, best known for enhancing deep oxygenation throughout every living cell. We also spared no expense by using KSM66, a rare Ashwagandha that has an amazing way to help you stay calm, focused and soar right through daily stress!
  • SunSpur PRO™ combines Acetyl L Tyrosine, KSM 66, Cordyceps Militaris, Magnesium Malate and Acetyl L Carnitine to optimize key neurotransmitters in your brain. Dopamine, GABA, serotonin and even endorphins are called your “happy hormones” and when they are in abundance, a symphony of energy, focus, enhanced memory, and happiness becomes the mantra of the day!
  • The real breakthrough with SunSpur PRO™ is the dynamic synergy of all these ingredients working together! Never before has there been a life enhancement drink that unlocks such an abundance of ATP!” ATP is adenosine triphosphate and it’s produced deep inside working cells all throughout your brain and body. Simply put, ATP is your spark for life, and when its raised to optimal levels, you feel energized, healthier, smarter…happier!

After years of research, testing, collective collaboration with some of the most brilliant minds in exercise science, nutrition and a multitude of clients my trainers and I personally coached, SunSpur PRO™ Life Enhancement Drink was meticulously perfected, and we believe you will absolutely love the end result! Do you know the potential you are carrying inside you, and do you want these gifts and talents to flourish? With SunSpur PRO™ your time to rise up is now! If your thinking is limited, your life is limited! Have a SunSpur PRO™ Life Enhancement Drink and Brighten your Mind, Brighten your LIFE!


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